September is Hunger Awareness Month


The color associated with hunger advocacy is orange.  This September, I’m asking you to take action.  Take my pledge to do something to fight childhood hunger.   Here are some things you can pledge to do:

1) Advocate.  Talk about childhood hunger.  Know the facts and share them with your friends, church members, fellow scouts, co-workers and family.  1 in 5 children in the US are at risk of hunger.  In NC, that number is 1 in 4.  That means that in my 4th grade classroom, there could be as many as 6 children who don’t have enough food to eat at home.  The more people know about this staggering statistic, the more people will be inspired to act.

2) Wear Orange.  Every Tuesday in September, you can wear orange to raise awareness of childhood hunger in America.    People will notice you wearing orange and this can lead to a great discussion.  See #1 above!  If you don’t have a shirt with any orange on it, you can order one here.

3) Volunteer.  Commit to volunteer at least one day in September.  You can volunteer at your local food bank, or start planning your own food drive.  You can find a food bank near you here. If you need advice on how to get started with your own food drive, you can email me here.

4) Donate.  You can donate to my hunger advocacy campaign here (your donations are tax deductible).  I hold annual food drives to benefit hungry children in NC.  I also travel around my community speaking to various groups about childhood hunger.   You can also find your local food bank and donate directly to them.

Take my pledge.  Download and print it HERE.   Then, take a picture of yourself holding your pledge and share it on my Facebook page (The Food Drive Kid) or my Twitter account (@thefooddrivekid), using the #TDFKPledge.  Together, we can make a difference this September!!


William aka The Food Drive Kid