William’s Weekend For BackPack Buddies 2015

William’s 3rd Annual Weekend for BackPack Buddies

What: William, a third grader in Raleigh, is dedicating a weekend to collecting food donations for Interfaith Food Shuttle’s BackPack Buddies Program, which provides children from food-insecure homes with weekend meals during the school year. The children receive a backpack containing 6 balanced meals and 2 healthy snacks at the end of every week.  BPB supports children at local schools in Wake and surrounding counties.  William has talked 10 area grocery stores into participating, as well as a local restaurant.  Now, William needs your help!

Where/When: You can purchase and donate food at the following locations:

Saturday, April 18 9am-4pm:

Food Lion

3415 Avent Ferry Rd. Raleigh, NC                                                2420 Wycliff Rd. Raleigh, NC

980 Kildaire Farm Rd. Cary, NC                                                   3926 Western Blvd. Raleigh, NC

2861 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh, NC

Harris Teeter

5563 Western Blvd. Raleigh, NC                                                   885 Walnut St. Cary, NC

2080 Kildaire Farm Rd. Cary, NC                                                3430 Ten Ten Rd. Cary, NC

500 Oberlin Rd. Raleigh, NC

If you want to volunteer to work a shift at one of the grocery stores, please click HERE.

The Food: Allowable kid-friendly foods include:

  • Boxed Milk
  • Cans of tuna or salmon
  • Dinty Moore beef stew
  • Canned fruit and veggies (peaches, peas, corn, etc)
  • Easy Mac macaroni and cheese containers
  • Raisins and other healthy snacks,
  • Juice boxes (100% juice only)
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Soft tops (like individual applesauce) are NOT allowed.
  • Pop-top cans are preferred.William's Weekend For Backpack Buddies


  1. Patricia Graetz says

    My daughter is a special Ed teacher at Adams Elementary in Cary. They have a large number of children who qualify for the backpack buddies’ program but only are able to help a small portion through a local church, I have been looking for a local way to get funds specifically for this school and came across your website. How do you decide who gets food and/or funds? Are you affiliated with Interfaith Food Shuttle or anyone?

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